I should probably start out by saying that I am not an accomplished pundit, or do I have any experience of competitively racing. I have however been an avid motorsport fan since 2008 and have since gained an insight(?) that I think has been kept exclusively to myself; or being rambled to anyone who was willing to listen.

Initially, my interest was in Formula 1 and became an overall love for all things on four wheels. I attended my first meeting as a spectator at a very wet Thruxton for the BTCC round in 2011, spent the night in a frankly terrible Travel Inn; but I think that experience as a whole brought home how I felt about the sport.

In 2012 I got my driving license, became a marshal for two years and went to the WEC/BTCC/British Trucks. The dangerous aspect of motor racing was really apparent after those years, it’s easy to be complacent when you’re watching it from behind a television screen or a fence: when there’s a car drifting towards you and the only thing seperating it from you is a waist high Armco barrier…

Around that point I had probably set up this blog!

Nowadays, I drive a beautiful Suzuki Swift Sport and ride a gorgeous Honda. I’m 23, work as a forklift driver for an off-brand clothes retailer and spend most of my weekends cleaning the aforementioned vehicles!

My aim with this blog is to provide a personal look at the series that I follow, as I have mentioned I can’t profess to hold any professional credentials but I feel that the commentators sometimes don’t provide enough of an understanding to the fans.

Not only that, I hope to provide reviews for motorcycle gear that I’ve bought and tips that I am myself learning as I progress as a rider.


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