Hadria – ‘The dark one’

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Jesus I couldn’t even remember this blog!

It’s slightly odd to read something that is so dated, with regards to how I am now and what my situation was at that time. In many respects I didn’t really have a lot to moan about or feel sorry about myself with 4 years ago, I think it was just teenage angst.

I think the biggest change in my life since then has been getting a motorcycle and even that only happened relatively recently. It was at this point last year that I began the journey of acquiring my license and after 5 attempts on the practical tests I eventually passed in August!

I already had my bike lined up, a beautiful CBR500R which will be visible in my profile picture if the bloody thing works. Since that time I’ve already accrued nearly 3000 miles of experience in the seat, but I am painfully aware of how little I know.

Now I know compared to things like marriage or a child or… other responsible things, getting a motorcycle probably isn’t something that many would think is life affirming. But then in some ways, maybe it is? It’s usually something that a guy does when he reaches ‘that age’ and wants to do something that he’d always yearned to; but at this point he has a beer belly and a poor CBT puts him off the idea entirely.

Motorsport was such a big part, and still is, of my life that I spent every car journey remarking about a passing bike. “That’ll be me one day”, “God I can’t wait to get one”, they were so frequent in my dialect that anyone would think I was a tape recorder stuck on repeat. I will admit that I still say things in a similar vein, although now it tends to be “Phwoar that’s a nice bike” or “Why don’t I have one of those?”

It’s true that my treatment of blogging and writing in general has been rather neglectful, I’ve always wanted to be able to write about my experiences. This is not through an inability too I guess, rather one of motivation and whether I remember too.

But with any luck, this ‘Second Coming’ of the intriguio page will be a renaissance. I can now hopefully provide some of my own personal insight into the worlds of MotoGP (mainly), WSBK and the BSB; along with perhaps passing observations on the spectrum of 4  wheeled series too.

I recognise that this is more of a diary for me at this point as nobody has looked at this page since 2014, but to anyone reading in the future I thank you for taking an interest in my space and hope you enjoy my prose!



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