From Silverstone. Shot by yours truly.

Welcome to what I hope will be a creative and successful display of what exactly it is that I do.

What interests me. Why I do the things that I do. How I see the world.

Now of course, you would have to be an ignorant fool to assume that this is the only place where one can find such personal prose. Every man and his dog can now open a WordPress or Blogger or Twitter page. What I aim to bring is nothing different.

I’m simply going to be me. And whether it’s original or not(who is these days?) will not phase me. It’s more of an exercise for my own health, as I have reached a point where I’m wallowing in an anxious pool of loneliness as time passes by; with only the temptation of the rising sun to soothe my ailing mind.

Poetic stuff? Too right!

I guess I should get started really.

I’m Liam. I live in the CoD renowned Cathedral City of Hereford. It isn’t a bad place to live, obviously there’s about a thousand places which are worse. But there’s always something to grumble about.

I finished my Advanced Levels in English Language and Medieval History this year, subjects which will raise a few eyebrows when I reveal that I have no intention of going to University. They were subjects for the pure joy of studying them. They interest me. Although I may have only achieved C’s, I still feel it’s an achievement. I hadn’t really revised for either, so it felt like a victory.

I know our generation gets a lot of stick for: “Doing just enough to get by.” But isn’t that the point? You can force yourself to live. To succeed. But you put yourself through that stress for self-fulfillment. I guess some people can live with that. I have enough stress deciding whether or not to buy petrol; purely for the self-conscious thoughts of, “What if..”

I drive around wearing red pumps. That also factors into my thought process. I don’t quite have the appearence of a geriatric patient as of yet; but my driving shoes certainly would give cause for thought.

I very rarely socialise. It’s the main reason why I’m writing this. My most meaningful conversations have been with myself. My little pep talks. It’s not that I’m OVERTLY shy or quiet. If somebody talks to me, I may even be more social than some people. And if a situation warrants a conversation, or I feel the need to say something. Then sure. I’ve just never really reveled in a chance acquaintance’s presence.

Similarly. Hereford. The general folk who go into clubs here feel the need to assert themselves by grunting and waving their ‘muscles’. I’d sooner start a conversation with a rock.

So. I’m not here for anyone’s affection. But if you wish to be affectionate, it wouldn’t go unnoticed. (LOVE ME).

This is it for my first post. It is.. Monday 19th November 2012.

Four weeks until Christmas.

Tomorrow, I’ll either grumble about work or my car. Or both.

Stay classy.


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